Skyrocket Aerial Photography is the premiere company in Virginia offering beautiful aerial photography and video drone services at reasonable prices. We love what we do and we are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients.

We use the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled UAV’s that capture stunning aerial images up to 400ft. The finished product can only be described as a visual masterpiece.

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Aerial Photography/videography

Our highly sophisticated UAV's with stunning 4K abilities can be used to lead or complement your marketing campaigns. The drones video and still footage capabilities will truly fascinate you and are unprecedented when compared to a regular footage from ground level.  These aerial shots can add dimension to your events, website, commercials, and overall creating better appeal for your business.


Construction "aerial site intelligence"

UAV's are increasingly becoming the go to technology for commercial purposes and Construction aerial site intelligence is an area that is growing. Keep your construction projects on track with progress photos and share a visual timeline with stakeholders. Skyrocket Aerial Photography can provide stunning aerial photos from all cardinal directions including a nadir view , incredible progression and hyperlapse videos, detailed 2D and 3D modeling of entire sites. 

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Golf Management

UAV's are revolutionizing the golf course industry, introducing golf course superintendents to never before seen course data and actionable analysis, which can be used to better monitor the green and conduct a hole by hole analysis. UAV’s are being used to create mesmerizing marketing videos to your current and future members. Our state of the art UAV’s, UHD stabilized cameras deliver perfectly smooth and flowing golf course shots that are of the highest quality.